Ukrainian women follow a modern lifestyle but at the same time adhere to certain traditions that significantly differ from Occidental culture. These intercultural differences make Ukrainians so charming.

A first date is one of the most important stages in a relationship with a Ukrainian girl. After all, it is after the first date you can make a good or bad impression on a girl which may have an impact on your future relationships.

What Sort of Men Ukrainian Girls Consider Greedy

Lots of Ukrainian girls believe a man is greedy if he doesn’t give flowers on a first date. For most, surprises and courtesies are proof of feelings, but if a man comes on dates without a bouquet, most women consider him greedy. They often look not at the absence or presence of flowers, but at their quantity and quality; if a man comes with one rose or three daisies, he will be considered greedy.

Who should pay in a restaurant? Basically, men pay for dinner at a restaurant in Ukraine. It’s very important to adapt to cultural differences, otherwise, your behavior will be considered rude and greedy. Present yourself well: show a girl you are a generous, attentive and caring man. Such a way you will make a good impression on the Ukrainian lady. Girls look at what man orders: if he chooses the cheapest dishes and leaves few tips or doesn’t leave them at all, then he’s not very generous.

If on a first date a man constantly says happiness is not measured in the amount of money and often indicates what and how much anything costs even if it does not concern the conversation at all, Ukrainian girls will consider him scrimpy since happiness and comfortable, safe life are impossible without money.

A Few First Date Moments

  • Dress smart, stylish clothes, such as blue or black pants, shoes, and a shirt with a collar.
  • You shouldn’t kiss Ukrainian girl on the cheek or lips on the first date, also, you shouldn’t shake her hand.
  • Keep in mind women in Ukraine adhere to customs and traditions more in comparison with Western ladies.
  • If you are on a date with a Ukrainian lady, be careful and pay attention to her, say compliments.
  • Give her flowers, open the door before entering the restaurant, call her a taxi home when it is too late.
  • Sexual topics should be strictly avoided on a first date. It is considered vulgar in Ukraine.
  • Ask her questions, don’t talk about yourself too much. Expressing a sincere interest in the Ukrainian woman’s life, you will definitely make a good impression on her.

Treat a Ukrainian girl with respect and care so that she will see a sincere and caring man next to her.

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