Modern morals are changing, but modern girls’ preferences concerning men remain unchanged. Someone prefers redheads, while others — black-haired men or blondes. Some are willing to date tall and athletic machos, while other girls like calm men. It’s interesting what type of man ladies would like to date. That is why every young man wants to know what Ukrainian girls love and what they hate in foreign men.

8 Habits Ukrainian Girls Hate in Men

  • Staring at other women

That’s one of the biggest men’s mistakes! Remember, this can be done when you’re out with your friends, but never do that going out with your woman (it doesn’t matter whether it is the first date or you have been dating for six months already).

  • Heavy drinking

One thing is to drink among friends to become more cheerful, enjoy dancing or joke around. Another thing is to get really drunk, offend one of your chosen one’s friends, fight with the restaurant guard or fall asleep in the middle of the dance floor.

  • Questions about her sexual experience

Lovers often ask about the past especially something that has happened before them. Such conversations help understand a partner’s sexual preferences, as well as find sexual emancipation boundaries. It is natural when a man is interested in a girl’s sexual experience. However, the questions should be unobtrusive. Don’t ask her every detail: where, with whom, how and how many times. Otherwise, the girl will think you like her not as a person, but as an object of sexual fantasies.

  • Superfluous use of perfume

Of course, it’s great that you look after yourself and you have at least several different perfumes. Be sure, women will notice it. So don’t apply so much perfume it becomes hard to breathe next to you!

  • Pursue own interests

There is football on TV and you think that your girlfriend is also interested in it. On weekends, you only meet with your friends completely forgetting that your woman has had life and friends before you. Respect her interests and wishes when you are planning something.

  • Only talk about yourself

If you are on your first or second date, and you only talk about yourself, then there may not be the third one. Of course, women are good listeners, especially on the first date. But if you don’t let a woman say a word, it can push you away forever.

  • Don’t give woman enough time

Certainly, your career is your family’s future. But who needs a family without a husband and father of future or existing children? Work, sports, friends — it’s all great but you should also pay attention to your chosen one. And she will be grateful for that.

  • Leaving dirt behind

When eating, never leave dirty dishes on the table. Changed clothes when coming home, never threw them anywhere hoping your lady will clean it for you. No woman will like such a way things are. Be neat!

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