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T: (401) 635–2351

F: (401) 635–2191

TT/Voice: 800–RI55555

28 Commons
Little Compton, RI 02837

The mission of the Wilbur & McMahon Schools is to develop a comprehensive educational community with high academic standards that challenge all students to love learning and to become skilled communicators and critical thinkers who are respectful, motivated, responsible, and self confident contributors to their community and the world.



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New School Improvement Plan

Our Vision

Wilbur & McMahon Schools are dedicated to preparing students for educational and life experiences in an atmosphere where there is respect for the dignity of every person and an enthusiasm for learning. Wilbur & McMahon Schools are dedicated to the principle that educational programs be both challenging and supportive, distinguished by consistent high standards and by attention to the needs and potential of the individual student.

Our Beliefs

This Statement of Beliefs encompasses the fundamental convictions, values, and character of the Little Compton school district. These beliefs will direct the activities of our school.

The Little Compton School District believes that:

  • We can always improve.
  • Each student has the right to an educational experience based on high standards. All children can achieve high standards.
  • Not all children will achieve the standards in the same way or in the same time.
  • Schools must provide safe, secure, nurturing learning environments.
  • Schools must be flexible to change.
  • Education is a shared responsibility requiring the cooperation of the student, home, school, and community.
  • Schools prepare and challenge students to contribute to the community.
  • Love of learning fosters life-long educational growth.

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